The music that lingers forever…

Dolores O’Riordan, died suddenly in London on Monday 15th January 2018, at the age of 46. Many will know her as the lead singer of the awesome rock band The Cranberries. If you are in your 30’s, then theres no way of not knowing who I am talking about. They are also a staple for many a discerning ear. For those of us who went through the full on 90’s grunge or goth phase, Cranberries songs’ definitely provided some necessary background music to many an exploit.

Zombie, made us want to revolt, not against anything specific but it had this “energy” that made you want to go out and take a stand on an issue important to you (heck any issue for that matter!). Linger, the theme song for many a relationship breakup, played at max volume accompanied by chocolate and a bag of Simba Chips.

Promises usually followed… CD player settings set to play linger three times in a row, then promises, then repeat. And then as you recuperated you could move onto the ever motivational Dreams, and the world once again became a place of opportunity and wonder. Analyse tickled our senses with awesome vocals and a distinct sound and I can attach many memories to where I heard the song being played at the time. FYI this is also the song I dance to when I have my headphones on in public…

CD player settings set to play linger three times in a row, then promises, then repeat.

The Cranberries along with many other artists provided lyrics that just seemed right at a particular moment in time or situation. Garbage, Alanis Morisette (everybody owned a copy of Jagged Little Pill), Tori Amos and many other artists, shared with us their amazing talent for capturing their raw emotions into music that we could latch onto and be like ‘OMG someone knows what I’m going through!’

Their songs told stories! Their songs were relatable! Their stories were my stories and vice versa!

So I would like to thank Dolores O’Riordan for the soundtrack she provided for many a personal memory while growing up. Her talent will live on for decades to come.

So this weekend I’m rocking out to all my 90’s faves and almost crying to Linger one last time (who am I kidding lol)…

What was your favorite Cranberries song? And which artist and their songs do you remember vividly while growing up? Looking forward to your comments below.


2 Replies to “The music that lingers forever…”

  1. A distinct voice that echoed from my bedroom stereo through most of my youth and still now in my earphones at work when I need an escape. Apart from the obvious Zombie, my favourites in my teen years also include Ode to My Family, Disappointment and Salvation, especially after watching so many friends being consumed by their drug addictions. Kiss Me is and will always an all time favourite, having been the theme song to almost every teen movie I enjoyed when I was a more naive and romantic me. Though that part of me has been jaded by life, the music definitely still lingers on and is my solice on most days.


    1. Real music for very real issues! I love that it wasn’t white washed away. I think this post needs a part 2, 3 heck 10. I haven’t even really touched on the 90’s.


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