Weekly Tarot Reading: 14 – 20 January 2018

Hello all. As promised I am going to post my weekly tarot readings to help prepare everyone a little more for the week ahead. The procrastination bug kinda kicked in again but a promise is a promise. I am going to use some of the many decks I have every week in order to expose more people to the incredible imagery which the various tarot decks offer. The first deck I am using is the Shadowscapes Deck Set, illustrated by the very talented Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, companion book by the famous tarot author Barbara Moore and published by Llewellyn Publications. Stephanie also produces artist editions (and it’s a 2018 goal of mine to buy one).

But without any further delay:

The Opportunity:  9 of pentacles

9 of Pentacles

A wonderful card to pop up in a reading particularly this time of the year! It represents contentment and satisfaction particularly with regard to fruits of past efforts. This card implies that any new ventures especially incorporating past acquired skills will find implementation faster with applied effort now. You have the skills time to put it to work. Bask in the glory of all your accomplishments!


The Challenge: The Lovers

The Lovers

For couples… issues which may have been identified and side swept late last year need to be addressed! In linking this in to the opportunity presented by the 9 of pentacles, this may be a project that you may have worked on together as a couple. If something is “niggly” bring it to light, your partner may be waiting for you to.

For the single, and ready to mingle… you may be feeling isolated… but don’t! This a a good time to focus on exactly what you want out of a relationship. You have set goals in other areas and are now reaping the rewards so use the feeling of achievement in setting your course back to the road to romance.


The overall theme for the week: 4 of cups

4 of Cups

The 4 of cups… The card of contemplation, represents going within. As many of my readers most likely start forgetting about the holidays that were and start moving to what will be, this is a good week for remembering what promises you made to yourself for this year. And it’s not about making sure that you follow up on your new year resolutions, but by ensuring that those resolutions are actually something that you definitely strive for, relate to and is what YOU want. Your gut decisions are supported this week by internal intention, in that your internal compass will be on high alert.


Let me know what you all think. Also let me know how relevant this is for you at present. Hopefully this will make the coming week just a little more bearable.


Now let me finish off my last chores. Have a great week all!


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