This blog represents the diary of a self proclaimed over thinker trying to find ways and means to calm my inner mental clutter (and take you along in the process).

Just “another” 30 something year old Cape Town based “boytjie”, newbie blogger, growing into my skin and trying to dodge the “typical millennial” stereotypes. And why not? I may be self “entitled” but last time I checked it was still my (damn) life!

There will be rants and there will be raves, but in putting them here I hope this will be their final resting place while giving my readers some insights and hopefully adding some humor to their day.

So in creating this space for us, I thought I would share my views on a number of issues, photo chronicle some of my daily mis/happenings, allowing for a window into some of my planned adventures. 2018 will be the chapter in the book of my life titled, my liberation.  This blog represents a way to commit to my planned achievements.

Tarot reader – bet you didn’t see that one coming! But when you are busy ruminating you may as well spend some time shuffling and interpreting cards. I am going to TRY and add weekly readings as a category in the future so watch out for those by following me.

So quarter-life crisis here I come and I have some additional passengers accompanying me (you all need to cover your own fare though, cocktails ain’t cheap). So follow me as I learn and fail my way to success, while doing my best to avoid tripping in public (literally).