Photo Challenge: Day Zero

Photo-a-day Challenge

So I regularly see these “Photo-A-Day” type challenges on social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram and I have never given them much thought. Though a photo a day is a bold step, and I’m very much into testing the water first. Now let me state upfront that I am no professional photographer (I sooooo wish) but like most people I do own a camera – more than one camera. A photo bridge “old” Canon SX20 and a micro four thirds (a.k.a “Can I have one with changeable lenses that isn’t that big, please?”) Samsung model .

And to be honest, they rarely see the light of day. Outside of shots thus far for my “weekly” tarot readings (I know, I know, they haven’t been weekly thus far at all). So I have now committed to lugging at least one of them around with me all the time in order to become more aware of my environment. For those of you who have not yet heard of Keri Smith’s works, she’s an author and artist on a mission of getting us to explore our surroundings and become more engaged in the creative pursuit of living. I have all her books, and I actually opened and worked in the Wreck This Journal one (reminder to self read all the @#%’n books that you bought, they are brilliant) and have been drawn to observing and recording life as it happens. And what better tool than a camera? Take a photograph and enjoy it for years, share it with others. Capture a moment, an experience and an emotion!

“Just use your phone!”. I hear you all shouting but a phone does not compare to having a camera in your hands. With a camera in your hands you are fully committed to your intention. With a phone there are just way to many potential distractions (some may disagree, but with me, FOMO would kick in almost immediately).

With a camera in your hands you are fully committed to your intention.


So I will be adding posts to this category. I’m hoping that the individual photographs  themselves will be capable of telling a story, but I will add which key word I used as inspiration for the shot and “my motivation”. Wanna join me? Message me and we can figure out how we can all participate using Twitter and Instagram.



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