Lesson #1: The value of mistakes

Over the last few years I have developed a crippling fear of making mistakes. Normally this kind of thinking is linked to concerns as to what others would think of a person, however for me it has always been a hectic degree of applied self criticism.

Yep, nobody’s going to criticize me, when I can do it exceptionally well myself! And thank you very much!!

Case in point. This website probably went through 300 revisions between August 2017 and now. Images have been cropped 1000 times and the title image has changed roughly 400 times (thank you pixabay by the way, awesome site offering an awesome service). Then I sat back (drank) and realized that the imagery and all the accessories to this site was all irrelevant for what I intended the purpose to be. I took a giant bite of perspective. With so much to get off my chest the fear of error and the associated procrastination, created the perfect scapegoat for me to completely veg on this project in order to avoid that fatal f’ word.


Funnily enough the root cause was a need for the content and therefore me to APPEAR as close to perfect as possible. 4 wasted months! The good news is as of 2018 I’m so over that S#&T! This blog will contain me flaws and all! So if you feel the need to correct my grammar and spelling in future, please include the corrections on a piece of paper in red ink and feed it to a (preferably) blue unicorn.

So the first take away lesson for myself is…

Sometimes it’s easier to make those damn mistakes, than to deal with the amount of stress in getting it “perfect”. #humancondition

N.B. I only came back and edited this post thrice #growth LOL

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